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Koinos is published by the Amikejo Foundation, which has as its objective the promotion of humane morals laws in all countries, based upon the right to self-determination.

Koinos intends to capture in words and pictures the beauty of boys from the beginning of their puberty until they become adults, and seeks to articulate what makes them special and valuable to others, with all they outwardly manifest and inwardly possess. Koinos intends to reveal the possibilities they have for self-development, but also the ways in which they can be hindered in this by social circumstances.

Koinos intends to argue in an unbiased manner for a society in which boys in this phase of their lives are valued, and in which without the obstruction of prejudices they can have the possibility of experiencing intimate relationships and sexual contacts with other persons, including adults, on the basis of mutual respect.

As the koine was the international language in the Hellenistic period, Koinos intends to function as an international medium in our modern age. That's why all the articles are bilingual, in English and German. It also explains our cautious policy on photographs. And yes, even in the USA it's legal to receive Koinos.

Koinos is distributed by resellers in several countries, but it can also be mailed directly to you from the Netherlands, in a plain closed envelope.

In every issue we present several full page quality photos, both in black-and-white and in color, with contributions by various professional photographers. In addition, we print interviews, book and film reviews, and we have room for contemplation and discussion, for ideology, esthetics and fiction. We maintain high standards for lay-out and printing quality.